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Types of Web Hosting Service

If you recently built a website or planning to have one for your business, one of the things that you might get easily overwhelmed with once you begin is choosing the right web host. While you get to hand over the responsibility of building your site to professional web designers, it will be your sole responsibility to pick from a wide range of web hosting services and making the right choice is easier said than done.

So, before you make a mistake in your choice, you need to learn what your options are.

1 – Shared Web Hosting
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As the name suggests, this is a type of hosting you share with others. Basically, your website is hosted on the same server as several other websites. This is usually what most newly-built sites need because of the fact that many of them don’t invite a lot of traffic and don’t have that much content at first. But obviously the most notable advantage of shared hosting is that the cost is also shared. It means you don’t need to pay a lot to have this web hosting service.
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2 – Reseller Hosting Package

Technically speaking, this one’s still classified as shared hosting, although the difference is that there are extra tools given to you, the customer for the purpose of helping you resell some hosting space. Some of the most common tools integrated in this package are better and more extensive technical control by way of Web Host Manager control panel and billing software.

3 – Cloud

Furthermore, this relatively new and sophisticated web hosting service best suits large companies and organizations that demand a lot. It generally works by letting hundreds of individual servers work simultaneously in such a way that they form one giant server. It is literally built for a consistently increasing need to accommodate huge website traffic.

4 – VPS

But if you feel like a shared hosting service isn’t enough for your website’s needs, then a virtual private server is the next best thing. Virtual private servers can be described as similar to shared hosting because they share one physical server; however, the difference is that they actually act like separate servers. The main reason why you should get this web hosting option is because it solves the most common problem of a shared web hosting package in which your hosting neighbors could potentially bring your website down. Lastly, opting for VPS is a smart thing to do because you get to avoid paying a premium fee for a dedicated server, especially if you feel like you still don’t need a more reliable and high end web hosting package; although we do recommend that once your website progresses and improves its amount of traffic, you need to switch to a dedicated server.