Understanding the Differences and the Benefits of Memory Foam and Gel Foam Beds

In the past, when a person was looking to purchase a new mattress, their selections were limited to spring style mattresses. While these mattresses came in a very firm or plush and soft setting, the way in which a mattress was made was fairly standard across the entire industry. Thanks to mattress technology, more and more mattress providers are not only still offering spring mattresses, but they are also offering memory foam mattresses.

The Memory Foam Option

Memory foam has become quite popular and the people that use these types of mattresses often swear by them. However, these mattresses may not be for everyone. If a person hasn’t been able to get a good night of sleep on a standard spring mattress, better sleep and the ability to wake up in the morning without aches and pains can be afforded by a memory foam mattress.

It Costs More

The first thing to know is that quality memory foam mattresses are going to be a bit more expensive than the standard spring mattress. From a price standpoint, a purchaser needs to be aware of this price difference.

A Warmer Bed

Standard memory foam materials don’t breathe very well so the mattress itself may be a bit warmer than a standard spring mattress. This may not seem like a big deal, but many people who are extremely sensitive to temperature change found that they were sweating a bit more when sleeping on a memory foam mattress as opposed to a standard spring unit.

Cooling it Down with Technology

Fortunately, technology has also allowed memory foam mattresses to be a bit cooler. With a mixture of different foam and gel technology, many memory foam mattresses are labeled as cool mattresses. They allow ambient temperatures on the mattress to be much lower than a standard foam bed. This makes for a more comfortable night of sleep from a temperature standpoint.

There’s no way to touch on all the benefits of a memory foam bed. That’s why, if you are interested in moving away from a standard mattress and you want to see what memory foam or gel mattresses have to offer, you can learn More here about the types of beds, the prices for those mattresses and what you can expect from a night of sleep on one of these new beds.