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When to Contact a Mobile Auto Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are fairly common and occur daily. They include fender benders which result in little or no injuries or harm and very serious accidents causing major injuries and even deaths. If you were part of a car accident but didn’t suffer injuries, you may settle the issue directly with your insurance company without needing an attorney. However, if you’ve been seriously hurt or have been forced to miss work because of the accident, you’ll need to get in touch with a mobile car accident lawyer right after the accident to protect your rights and possibly file a claim.

Here is short list of situations when it’s advisable to call on a mobile auto accident lawyer to evaluate your situation further as well as when you might need an attorney to evaluate your case further.

Call upon an attorney right after a crash if:
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A death or severe injury has occurred.
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There are several parties involved (e.g. other cars, pedestrians or property)

Fault is in question between the parties concerned

The police report concludes that you’re liable while you believe you aren’t.

You find your insurance provider hard to handle

You’ve been unable to work because of the accident

Your insurance provider involves its own attorney

You might need an attorney immediately after your car cash to evaluate the case a little more if:

Need advice on the exact sum of your settlement

Need advice about how to conduct negotiations with your insurance provider

Think that your insurer isn’t looking after your best interests
Are unaware of your rights

Are not sure of your insurance policy’s terms

Need a legal expert to assess your case and paperwork

3 reasons to call on a mobile car accident attorney

Better settlement

The most obvious benefit of using a mobile car accident attorney is that they can help you get more money. Generally, the amount of settlement from accident attorneys is four to five times what you can get with the assistance of an attorney.

Attorneys know the law

Furthermore, an auto accident lawyer knows the laws associated with your case. As the victim, you’ll benefit from this. People who don’t hire an attorney often have no idea of these laws and, hence, seldom get the total compensation they’re justly entitled to. On the other hand, a knowledgeable car accident attorney will work to make sure you get full compensation under the law.


Last but not least, dealing with a mobile auto accident lawyer cuts the time and stress involved in handling your case. In many cases, it may be months or even years before injury claims are resolved. A lawyer produces faster results as well as eliminates the trouble of handling your own case on your own.